Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Welcome to Baby-Led Solids!

I decided early on that I would skip the puree stage of solid foods for my baby. It just made sense to me. I have a deep trust in the way God designed my body to nourish my baby, and in the way God designed my baby to learn to nourish herself.

As the 6-month mark drew nearer I, being the obsessive researcher I am, started looking for more information on how to introduce my baby (whom I shall refer to as "Buttercup") to the wide world of food. I found a  wikipedia article, a few websites and one book on "Baby-Led Weaning." Other than that: nada. I asked my pediatrician, I asked my local WIC office, I asked my La Leche group, I asked all of my mommy friends. Nothing. Although baby-led weaning is gaining in popularity in the rest of the english-speaking world (even being endorsed by the deputy director of UNICEF's Baby Friendly Initiative, and the National Health System of Great Britain), there is not much information in America. So, my husband, who always has every faith in me (bless him) told me to start a blog.

This blog was created to hopefully be a resource for other parents who are looking for more information on a way to help their little ones discover food in a more natural way. I'm going to attempt to compile what information I have found, as well as to document our experiments with food introduction.

I want to mention that although the term "Baby-Led Weaning" is more popularly known, I will refer to it is "Baby-Led Solids." I have discovered that the mere use of the word "wean" makes people think that I am ceasing breastfeeding at the tender age of 6 months, which could not be farther from the truth. According to current research, babies up to age 1 should get the majority of their nutrition from breast milk, but this isn't a blog about breastfeeding...

Happy Eating!

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