Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Lessons Learned

I've compiled a handy list of all the posts on "Lessons Learned" about introducing a baby to solid foods using the baby-led solid way, to save you the hassle of searching the blog.

6 Months Old
Increased nursing, poop changes, and after-dinner routine

Food storage/prep, meal attention span

7 Months Old
Meals and sign language, tossing food, WIC

7.5 Months Old
Mealtime vigilance, multiple-food meals, big bites

8 Months Old
Nursing strikes, food strikes, rejecting specific foods

8.5 Months Old
Food throwing

9 Months Old
9 month check-up, the toothless baby

10 Months Old
the "spoon" argument, spicy foods and teething, making food piles

11 Months Old
using utensils the "baby led" way

12 Months Old
BLS musings at one year

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