Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Lessons Learned

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So, it's been a few weeks since starting solid foods. I think it's time to take a moment and reflect on all we've learned so far about baby led solids. Cue the music!
  • Buttercup has started nursing TONS more. She was nursing about 5 times a day (sometimes with an extra one thrown in there). Once we started introducing solids she started nursing 8-9 times a day. She never nursed this frequently even as a newborn! Apparently this is a normal phenomenon. I've heard similar reports from other moms introducing solid foods (both by BLS, and with purees). It makes me wonder if maybe breastmilk is needed to help a baby's system digest new foods? Or, maybe because this is such a big step in her development she needs the reassurance of nursing more frequently? No idea. Just speculation.
  • We've settled into a kind of routine where Buttercup's messiest meal is at dinnertime, right before I toss her in the tub for a scrub down. Very convenient. But, I have noticed my little chipmunk can manage to horde little scraps of food in her mouth for quite some time! I have to be diligent to ensure all food is down the hatch before laying her on her back for her bath.
  • POOPIES! Who knew inspecting the contents of a diaper could be so intriguing? I have definitely noticed that Buttercup's poops are changing: she is pooping less frequently and the consistency has changed. I notice virtually unchanged bits of food in her diapers (sweet potato chunks, pear skins, even what looked like toast crumbs - how is that even possible?), but overall her poo is thicker, pastier and stickier. Mmmmm! All these changes are perfectly normal and not a sign of constipation. I'm trying to be religious about giving her water with every solid meal, just in case, but I haven't noticed Buttercup straining or acting like her tummy hurts so that is reassuring.

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  1. Funny because since starting solids with my DD she nurses less frequently and it was starting to cause me alarm about loosing my supply and I was wondering since food is just for practice right now if I should stop and make her nurse more frequently and try solids again a little later but I hate to take it away beacuse she loves it so much!!