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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Scrambled egg

Baby eating eggsIt had been awhile since Buttercup had had a new food. So, this morning she had her first taste of eggs. I scrambled two egg yolks into a little patty then cut it into strips. The reason I only did egg yolks is because she has a family history of reactions to hard-boiled eggs, and I've noticed that her eczema gets worse when I've eaten hard-boiled eggs. Even though I was giving her scrambled eggs I decided to leave out the whites, which is the part of the egg that contain allergens.

It could be because it was morning and Buttercup isn't used to eating in the morning, but she didn't seem all that impressed. She nibbled on all the pieces, but eventually started playing with them, and kept begging for her water. I definitely plan to try this food again with her in a week or so, though, because it is so nutritious.

PROS: high nutritional value (including iron), not messy, easy to eat
CONS: I wish she liked it more...

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