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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Rice cakes

Baby eating rice cakes
I read somewhere that rice cakes were a good first food so I picked some up at the store. I couldn't find unflavored mini ones so I bought the big ones, selecting the salt-free version. I was disappointed when I later read the package to see that there wasn't much to recommend the rice cakes nutritionally. I guess they are a whole grain, but there were no vitamins, minerals, protein... Oh well, I figure I can always spread stuff on them. Maybe they will prove an easier way to transport slimy things like avocado and banana? For the first experiment I gave Buttercup a few strips I'd cut off the rice cake.

After she smashed the strips of rice cake into smithereens I was impressed to watch her still going after the smaller pieces. Thus far she hadn't managed to pick up small chunks and get them to her mouth. I think it helped that rice cakes become tacky as soon as little hands get a bit of drool on them.

Buttercup swallowed all of the rice cake but the tiniest crumbs (unless she's hiding it somewhere, and I wouldn't put it past the clever girl).

PROS: easy handling
CONS: low in nutritional value


  1. I've been nervous to do rice cakes, even though my daughter has managed so many other things. I just envision it getting stuck in her throat, all dry and sticky at the same time....Seems like Buttercup handled it well.

  2. You'd be amazed at how much drool those little mouths create. Rice cakes pretty much instantly turn soft and squishy (at least for Buttercup).