Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Lessons Learned

It's been awhile since I posted a "Lessons Learned." I continue to learn new things about the baby-led solids method while introducing our baby to solid foods:

  • Of all the objections I've heard to baby-led solids this one is the most ridiculous: "if you don't feed your baby with a spoon he/she won't ever learn how to eat with utensils." I'm not making this up! I've actually heard this on several occasions and from multiple sources. I fail to see any kind of logic with this argument. First of all, do these people seriously think that their sixteen year olds are going to still be picking up little cut up carrots and apples with their fingers? Kids learn by observation. I guarantee you that your baby is watching the big people at the table use forks and spoons, and cataloging that information away. They will learn how to use utensils. In the meantime, if it is something you want to work on with your baby try offering pre-loaded spoons of food. I'm quite happy for Buttercup to keep using her fingers. It's easier for everyone involved. I'm also not in any rush for my little baby to grow up. 
  • Drumroll please...Buttercup has teeth! She waited until 10 months to sprout her first two little teeth, but she's got them. Now, maybe some of you other parents out there are a bit quicker on the uptake than I am. I didn't make the connection that spicy food would hurt little raw gums. I have since learned my lesson (thanks to a little incident involving fajitas and a screaming Buttercup). 
  • I've found that a good way to refresh Buttercup's interest in her meal is to rake all of the food on her tray into a little pile. For some reason it seems easier for her to see and pick up food if it's all in one place, rather than scattered around her tray. This trick seems to work especially well for foods like rice, quinoa, corn, or other smallish foods. 

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  1. Oh the pile idea makes sense.. I have been trying to get Caelyn to eat more rice... but she just can't get it.. thanks for the idea!