Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Baby eating peaches

One of the great things about giving birth in the dead of winter is that your baby is starting solids during the yummy summer months. So much fresh produce, so little time!

First I washed a piece with Fit veggie wash. Ideally, I would like to be feeding my family organic produce, especially the "Dirty Dozen." But, I'm not. Until we can do that, I'm using Fit veggie wash. It helps me sleep better at night. Anyway, I cut the side off my washed peach, then sliced that chunk into thirds (leaving skins on). I have to say that I am noticing that I think Buttercup does better with shapes that are more ball-like/chunk-like than the classic BLS "baton" or french-fry shape. But, she does pretty well.

She seemed to like it pretty well, but spat out all the skins. Fair enough, really. Does anyone actually LIKE peach skin? Also, as I said above, I think she may have done a bit better maintaining her grasp if the chunks were chunkier. Maybe next time I will give her the whole peach with a bit sliced off to provide an entry point.

PROS: great in-season fruit
CONS: slippery


  1. Just stumbled upon this article from pinterest. I am loving it so far although its a way away for me only being 21wks pregnant. I'm a firm believer in information. so with that said why do you keep the skins on things that you wouldn't eat the skins of ie avacado? Is it for easier grasping? Also I'm sure once I delve deeper into your blog but what does BLS etc stand for. many thanks x

  2. Yes, skins like avocado skins can make gripping easier for little hands. Just make sure you wash them first. And, yes, BLS = Baby Led Solids. :)