Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Baby eating solid pear
Our second experiment worked much better. First of all, I put Buttercup in her baby papasan chair, so I think that helped. I washed the pear with Fit veggie wash, cut off a circular slice of pear (with skin on), then cut it in two so I was left with two chunks about the size and shape of my pinky. I offered one to her, she grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth and proceeded to suck it! I was pretty amazed. She got little bits off - some of them went down and she gagged some out. (see my FAQ's post for more on the gagging reflex). After a little while Buttercup decided she was more interested in the rest of the pear that I was munching on. Since I was mostly done with it I handed it over and she grabbed it with both tiny mitts and went to town on it! Needless to say, I found pear skin in her diaper the next morning. HA HA!

(I guess I didn't take a picture of her finger-sized original portion, which was very unhelpful of me. Sorry!)

PROS: yummy!
CONS: messy! Be forewarned: pears WILL stain clothing

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