Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Baby eating toast
I toasted myself some whole wheat bread for a PB&J lunch, and a little scrap of heel fell off in the toaster. I thought, "perfect size for baby!" I know some people have qualms about introducing wheat products to babies under a year due to possible allergies, but Hubby and I are both non-allergic-types, and I didn't think that Buttercup would end up swallowing much of it at this stage anyway. So, I handed it over.

I've read that toast is better for BLS than bread, as the bread can get mushy and stuck to the roof of baby's mouth. I have to admit I was still a little nervous about that, but Buttercup didn't really seem to have much of an issue with it. She gagged maybe once?

I've been meaning to mention: Buttercup has no teeth. Didn't know if you were wondering that or not...Teeth are not necessary equipment for baby-led solids.

PROS: I imagine this will be a good grain staple in future, especially with healthy toppings as Buttercup grows
CONS: A tiny bit nerve-wracking for the BLS newbie

P.S. Have you noticed how happy Buttercup looks in all these pics? I like it.

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