Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Introduce baby to solid apricot
Starting baby led solids at this time of year is great. Gotta love summer fruits! They're so yummy and on sale!

I gave Buttercup a whole apricot. I'd taken a few little bites out of it to give her an entry point, but she took it from there. She managed to gnaw it down to the pit (which I promptly removed). Buttercup really enjoyed holding the whole apricot with both hands, and was easily able to rotate it around to access more fruit. Apricots are the perfect size for babies, and I think this method would work well for plums, too.

Apricots are full of fiber (which I definitely noticed in her fragrant diaper the next day), and lots of beta carotene.

PROS: great size for baby
CONS: got a little slippery towards the end of the meal, watch out for the pit!


  1. you let her eat the skin?

  2. I took a bite out of it first so that Buttercup could get to the flesh under the skin. She has not teeth, so she wouldn't be able to get through skins.

    She has always had pear skin and now that she's 8 months and a seasoned expert she has unpeeled, sliced plum and peach. She just spits out any skins she doesn't want to swallow.