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Brussels Sprouts

baby eating brussels sproutI cannot believe my child likes brussels sprouts. They are one of those foods that kids stereotypically hate! I always knew Buttercup was special, or maybe doing baby-led solids really does make babies more adventurous eaters.

The sprouts were part of a stew that I'd made in the crockpot, so they were "well done." I just read today that cooking sprouts actually increases the absorbable nutrients. Something about fiber, phytonutrients, DNA and cancer protection, but I digress. I cut the sprouts in half for easier handling. Buttercup put the entire half in her mouth, chewed and swallowed, though not without incident: she had some spectacular gags throughout the meal. I think maybe the leaves were getting a little hung up in her throat on their way down. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: remember that gagging is normal and not cause for worry. Gagging prevents food from going down the wrong pipe. It involves the throat, while choking involves the windpipe. And, Buttercup was definitely not put off by her gags. She ate two whole sprouts during the meal.

PROS: nutritious veggie
CONS: a bit gaggerific


  1. I have an odd question about gagging vs. choking... We're doing a little bit of baby led solids. How would I know the difference between gagging & choking?

    She has a pretty good gag reflux, and it always freaks me out when she gags, especially if it goes on for a bit.

  2. Hey there!
    Great question. Check out the FAQ's page and also "Beginning BLS" under the "Informational Articles" section of the blog. There is a ton of info about the gagging/choking thing. The bottom line is that if your baby looks really frightened or starts turning purple she's choking. If she looks unfazed (though a bit watery-eyed) she's just gagging.

    Email me if you still have specific questions after reading the other links. Hope it helps!