Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Introduce baby to solid tomatoButtercup recently had her first tomato experience. Really, is there anything better than a healthy homegrown tomato? One dinnertime, she kept honing in on a tiny piece of tomato that was stuck to one of her offered foods. So, I thought I would try giving her a couple chunks of tomato of her very own. To my surprise, she didn't like it.

I think Buttercup managed to swallow one bite, but mainly she kept putting the same piece in her mouth, making a 'sour face' then spitting it out and repeating the process. I'm pretty sure the acidity was a bit much for her taste buds. You've gotta give her an 'A' for effort, at least.

PROS: high in vitamins
CONS: too sour (though I've heard other babies love tomatoes)


  1. Awww heehee :) Well I can relate as I never liked tomatoes until after I was 25! I now LOVE them!

  2. I'm following your blog now and I look forward to keeping up with "Miss Buttercup". She's just adorable. "Monkey" my 6 month old boy is getting ready to start solid foods and we are going the BLS way. Someone that follows your blog as well as my own linked me to you and suggested the idea to me just yesterday. Monkey has his 6m peds appointment in two weeks and I'm going to mention it to his doctor. We drive 60 miles one way for this peds office because the doctor is so great and is totally on board with doing things the natural way.

    So, thank you for posting this blog. It's going to be nice to have a reference guide when we start BLS and also to have someone I can run to with questions!

    Look forward to reading more!

  3. Oh, that's so great! I don't know if you read my welcome page, but our pedi had never even heard of introducing solids this way. Tragic. Well, hopefully if enough of us start doing it the word will spread. Good luck with Monkey. Keep me updated on how he's doing!

  4. yup my ped didn't have a clue either and he is a young guy! I mean BLS just makes sense...there was no baby jar food in biblical times! haha