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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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What's YOUR eating routine?

Hey, BLSers!

So, let's start a dialogue! Tell me what your feeding routine is like. Let's put our heads together, help one another out, and have a friendly chat about our baby-led solids experiences. Here is Buttercup's routine:

  • 7:00am - nurse
  • 8:00am - a small pile of Cheerios
  • 9:00am - nurse
  • 11:30am - solid meal (leftovers from dinner or veggies or fruit)
  • 1:00pm - nurse
  • 4:00pm - nurse
  • 5:30pm - solid meal (whatever we're having for dinner)
  • 6:30 - nurse
  • 10:00pm - "dream feed" nurse

Leave your comments below. And...GO! GO! GO!


  1. My daughter is also 9 months old... here's our routine.

    7:30am - bottle
    9am - cereal + fruit
    10am - nap
    11am - bottle
    12:30-ish - varies: veg, fruit, grains, meat
    2pm - small bottle
    2:30pm - nap
    3:30pm - small bottle
    4:30pm - same as lunch (minus meat)
    6:30pm - bottle

    I've read that around this time is when you should/can start offering solids before nursing/bottle-feeding... but I don't know if I feel comfortable with that just yet. I'm afraid she'll fill up on solids and not take as much of her bottle... I guess it's a matter of trying it out and seeing what happens.

    Thanks for sharing all your experiences and great ideas! I love your blog :)

  2. Mine is exactly the same as yours! Health Visitor tried to get me to stop Ethan having a comfort feed in night but I don't mind and he is happy so not sure what she's on about really!

  3. Gingerella,
    Yep, I think any nursing is good nursing. If mom and baby are both happy then why change what you're doing? It would be a different story if you REALLY didn't want to get up in the night. One thing I've learned since being a mother is that it's impossible to disapprove of another mom's methods if she's getting the results she wants. Well done to you and Ethan! I'm sure he's thriving!

    I am leaning your way with the whole solids-before-milk-feed thing. I even heard of a pediatrician recommending 12 oz of water a day for babies Buttercup's age. WHAT THE HECK!? Talk about filling your baby up without any nutritional benefit!

  4. DS is 8 months old. I feed him whenever I'm eating a meal. Sometimes I'll throw in a snack some where in the day if I need to get something done. He loves getting cereal in his exerciser (Thanks for the tip!). I'm still breastfeeding on demand, and he has always (and sometimes feels like always will!) nursed every two hours or so. I do have a cup of water available during meals if he asks for some, and if we're out and about I will give him a sippy of water, but only if he's nursed recently. I have found that we do better eating before we nurse (except for breakfast for some reason). DS would fuss through every meal when I nursed him first. I think because I was offering food when he wasn't hungry. But it hasn't affected our nursing schedule at all so far.

    6:00am - Wake up and nurse
    6:30am - Breakfast, normally fruit, veggies or yogurt & rice cakes. He also likes toast and pancakes :)
    8:00am - Nurse
    10:00am - Nurse
    11:30am - Lunch, fruit, veggies or leftovers
    12:30pm - Nurse
    3:00pm - Nurse
    5:00pm - Small snack, cereal or crackers
    5:30pm - Nurse
    6:30-7:30pm - Dinner, we eat whenever Daddy gets home, so it varies. Normally whatever we're having.
    8:00pm - Nurse and bedtime

  5. Sadly, I wasn't able to nurse beyond 6 months, and even that was a struggle. If I could still nurse my daughter, I would happily wake up once in the middle of the night to do so. :(

    Our routine is ...
    (sometimes) 2am - bottle
    6am - bottle (if she ate at 2am she usually refuses this)
    7:45 - breakfast @ daycare. Fruit puree & oatmeal (she eats spoon foods at daycare but refuses to have them at home as of 2 weeks ago)
    9:00 - bottle, sometimes snack (fruit)
    9:30 - nap
    11:30 - lunch; we're transitioning to all finger foods at lunch. As my freezer stash of purees runs out, she gets more finger meals.
    1 - bottle & snack #2 (grain - puffs, O's, teething biscuits)
    2/2:30 - nap
    3:30 - sometimes another snack, depends on the day.
    5:30 - dinner
    7:00 - bottle & bed.

    Daycare and I do things a little differently. With so many people working there and they're all set in their routines, I just kind of go with the flow. I give a snack with a bottle, they separate snack and bottle time. They also don't let her practice with a sippy because they don't want her clonking someone else on the head with it, which I guess I can respect. So she only gets water with her meals at home.