Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Soup (with a spoon)

This continues my three-part series on introducing utensils to your baby-led solids baby. Sometimes Buttercup uses a fork or spoon now (see yesterday's post). 

This particular photo is from the first time Buttercup used a spoon. I had made a soup out of dinner leftovers (chicken breasts in the slow cooker, roasted garlic, onions and potatoes, broccoli and spinach - all pureed with chicken stock and milk). It was a very yummy last minute lunch idea and Buttercup was eager to partake. I grabbed a teaspoon from my normal dishes (I think I had baby spoons at one point, but I either gave them away or put them somewhere and can't find them). Buttercup has a pretty big mouth, and can fit extraordinarily large toys in it, so I figured a little spoon would not present a challenge to her orafice. Anyway, I held on to the spoon while she grabbed it and guided it to her mouth. 

Buttercup ate 6 ounces of this soup on two separate occasions. She was very proud of her spoon-using skills, too. I was surprised by how little soup ended up anywhere but her mouth. It was a pretty non-messy experience!

PROS: yummy, nutritious, shockingly non-messy
CONS: requires more parental involvement than 'normal' BLS meals (is that really a "con?")

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