Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Banana, Take 2

Baby eating Banana
I finally got around to going to the grocery store, and even remembered to buy bananas this time. Gold star for me. Buttercup hadn't had banana since her first ever experiment with BLS. We had handling issues with our first attempt, so this time I took a different approach: I washed the outside of the banana with Fit, cut the top half off, then cut in quarters, lengthwise, leaving the skin on (but I cut off the stem). This gave Buttercup a non-slip grip for each slice. This is exactly what I do for avocados now. It works so well I thought I'd try it for bananas, too.

Much. More. Successful. Buttercup managed to get little pieces (and some not-so-little pieces) off while holding on to the skin. She really enjoyed the fruit, and gnawing on the skin. She probably managed to properly consume over half of what I gave her.

Another helpful tip: banana fruit sticks to its peel much better when it isn't too ripe. Once a banana starts to get brown spots it becomes much more difficult for baby to handle.

PROS: great nutritious and easily digestible food
CONS: none!

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