Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Chicken, dark meat

Baby eating dark meat chicken
I decided after the last time I offered Buttercup chicken that I would try dark meat next. Well, we never have dark meat in the house, since I usually buy chicken breasts. However, Hubby bought a rotisserie chicken as a special Sunday treat, so I set some dark meat aside for experimentation purposes. Basically I just pulled out some 2 inch strips that looked manageable for little hands, making sure there were no bones, gristle or fat.

I was right - dark meat was much easier! The white meat from our first chicken experiment seemed a bit dry and difficult to swallow. Buttercup seemed to enjoy the taste of the dark meat a lot more, too. Who wouldn't enjoy the extra greasy yumminess of dark meat? A lot more of the meat went down her throat than last time, though that could be owed to the mad eating skills she's developed in the last few weeks.

PROS: easier to chew than white mean, loads of absorbable iron
CONS: a bit slippier than white mean, beware of gristle and fat chunks on meat.

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