Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Banana - Take 3

New method of introducing baby to solid bananaBanana is one of the best foods for introducing solids to your baby. It's nutritious, easily digestible, and a good consistency for chewing and swallowing. Unfortunately, the consistency also makes it easy for little hands to mash into a squishy pulp. Buttercup holds on to bananas so tightly that they smoosh into pieces. I've tried several different ways of serving bananas to her to circumvent this problem (see Take 1, and Take 2), and here we are now on Take 3:

I peeled the banana, then cut it into half inch thick slices. This worked really well. Buttercup could pick up the thicker "coins" with both hands and bite them without her fists of steel squishing through them. Because the slices are thicker she is able to pick up smaller pieces after she's already bitten chunks out of it.

I've been reading mothering forums about mommies making their own baby food using bananas mixed with water/breastmilk/Cream of Wheat, getting the desired smoothness/chunkiness using blenders/food processors/forks. It makes me so thankful I can just hand my baby a slice of banana and eat my lunch.

PROS: easier to handle
CONS: none

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