Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Breakfast Cereal

Introducing baby to breakfast cereal
I've been putting Buttercup in her exersaucer to play while I eat my breakfast and clean the kitchen in the mornings. The past few days I've put a handful of breakfast cereal in the "dog bowl" section (as Hubby and I call it). I didn't really expect Buttercup to be able to pick them up and eat them, but I thought she could kind of play with them and work on her pincer skills. Well, she surprised me - she did eat them! Although she can't pick them up with her index finger and thumb, she worked out a method where she rakes them up into her fist, then sticks her whole fist in her mouth. Clever girl! All in all Buttercup probably eats 15-20 pieces in a sitting now.

Buttercup is so in love with cereal. It makes me glad that it wasn't one of her first foods, because I'm convinced she would be a carb addict. She whines like a puppy when there's no cereal in her bowl. So far she's had Kix (43% RDA iron) and Multigrain Cheerios (109% RDA iron). I love that Kix was my baby's first cereal. So much more fun than shoveling awful-tasting mush into her mouth. For more information on commercial baby cereal check out the BLS FAQ's.

PROS: high in iron, easy snack-type food, non-messy
CONS: difficult for younger babies to handle


  1. Hey there I was wondering how did you first start buttercup out with solids? My son has been eating puffs and today I was going to give him a chicken vienna sausage like thing to try but as soon as I put it in his hand and he put it in his mouth I took it away! lol I was too nervous. I cut it up and he did just fine only gagged a little twice.

  2. Hi, Megan!
    The way this blog is set up is that our oldest posts (therefore our first experiments in baby led solids) are at the bottom. If you click on "older posts" you'll find that banana was our first food. There is a how-to video in the older posts for you to check out, too.

    Honestly, I wouldn't recommend something as processed, greasy and salty as a sausage for your little one. One of the main reasons to do baby led solids is so your baby learns to love healthy food!

    Hope that helps!