Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Introducing baby to solid appleThis was our first experience with feeding a baby solid foods away from home. It was blissful to not have to pack food, spoon, bib. I rarely even grab a diaper bag these days if we're out for less time than a nap cycle, so this kind of portability is definitely a must for me. On the menu for the grownups was salads, which meant that there were plenty of things for Buttercup to choose from. In the end she sat on my lap and munched on some grilled chicken, a rice cracker and some finely sliced apples (with skins on). I chose those foods because they weren't going to stain her clothes or be too messy at someone else's house.

Apples are usually one of baby's first foods when introducing solids, due to their mildness of flavor and easy texture. However, since we started this adventure in the middle of summer I found I just couldn't bring myself to pay extra money for a fruit that's so out of season yet.  Maybe it's a silly of me, but I’m picky when it comes to quality produce for my baby!

Anyway, Buttercup liked the apples. I think she had 2 or 3 slices. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when the farmers' markets start carrying locally grown apples and I can buy some nice sweet ones for Buttercup. Or maybe I should buy her a sour one just for fun...

Sidenote: some people think that apples pose a choking risk for babies. I think if they're sliced thinly enough they should be fine. I don't see any possible way Buttercup could have choked on these, especially since she is a seasoned veteran of the baby led solids.

PROS: A great first solid food, mild, easy texture, non-staining
CONS: none!


  1. My LO is just starting off on BLS and whole pieces of apple are a favorite. However, I have to disagree about the "no staining" aspect of the fruit... I've had her apple juice stained onesies soaking in Oxy Clean for 2 days now, and still with lots of browning from the apple juice! I too like to travel light from home, sans diaper bag, but am quickly learning that keeping a big bib nearby is a must, especially with all the Fruits and Veggies LO eats.

  2. I think apple juice must be different from straight up apples. We don't do juice, as it's mostly sugar, without any of the fiber.