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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Hard boiled egg

Introduce baby to hard boiled eggOne of the Top 10 Things To Love About Baby Led Solids? Cute baby photos! Ok, now that I have that out of my system:

Buttercup has had scrambled egg yolks before, but I decided to try hard boiled eggs for a little something different. I just gave her the yolk for several reasons: egg whites contain allergens (Buttercup has a family history of allergies to egg), most of an egg's nutrition are in the yolk, and the whites are rubbery in texture, thus difficult for little toothless mouths.

Buttercup did enjoy the egg, consuming over half of it. The rest was left in drooly crumbly puddles on her tray.

PROS: good protein
*CONS: messier than the average BLS meal

*UPDATE: Although Buttercup likes hard boiled eggs, apparently the eggs do not like her. Twice I've given them to her at lunch. Both of those afternoons she puked a lot and cried through her third nap. Guess we will give eggs a rest. Tragic! Ya live and ya learn...

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