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Avocado, take 2

baby eating avocadoI finally got around to trying the Cheerio-dust-covered-avocado trick. I've been seeing that tip floating around the various forums I am a part of, but haven't really needed to try it. Well, we seem to have hit a wall with avocado. Buttercup has been rejecting her once favorite food. I thought maybe she just didn't like picking it up in the big long slices like she used to, as she has been favoring smaller pieces she can pick up with her forefinger and thumb. I tried cutting small pieces of avocado, but they were too slippery for her. So, I rolled them in multi-grain Cheerios. They were definitely easier for her to pick up. The problem was that she kept sucking the Cheerio dust off then discarding the avocado.

I know that babies can reject a food and then later fall back in love with it. The key is to keep occasionally trying and stay calm (that advice could be helpful in so many aspects of life!)


  1. it took my daughter 3 years to return to avocado... and now she's eating them in a burrito... pass the green sauce.

  2. Everytime I give my daughter a slice of something (especially something like avacado) she literally bites off more than she can chew. She bites off half the avacado, banana, piece of bread, and then can't do anything with it. I always manage to fish it out. How will babies know that they can't bite that much off?

    I've been giving her bits of food instead and she likes that a lot more. She loves to shovel the food in her mouth.

    And thanks for your site. I've referred to it numerous times and have always found it helpful.

  3. How old is your daughter? This is actually pretty common. Even now (at 12.5 months) Buttercup would sometimes rather take too big of a bite and spit half of it out than take appropriately sized bites. If your baby can pick up small items I'd say go ahead and cut them into little bits. If she's still at the stage of needing stick-shaped things then just let her go for it.

    The only way babies learn to eat is through trial and error. Resist the urge to "help" her out. If your baby has too much food in her mouth she'll either work it out by spitting or gagging it out. It's all part of the process. Don't worry, she'll get it soon! :)