Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Carrot, take 2

baby eating carrotCarrots were the second food Buttercup chose in this multi-food meal. In this picture, she is actually working on carrots. Click this post on carrots to see our first attempt using the traditional baby-led solid "french fry" shape. She has no problem wolfing these down. But, I know moms might be looking for other preparation options for veggies and this is a good alternative. These carrots were shredded (I used a carrot peeler) and sauteed with green beans in a bit of olive oil.

Shredding or peeling also works well with apples. Just make sure that you don't make the "strings" too long, or they could be uncomfortable going down a throat unchewed. That reminds me of the time I swallowed a long hair - YUCK!

At any rate, Buttercup ate the carrots in their new format and didn't bat an eye.

PROS: an alternative to the "french fry" shape
CONS: make sure they're not too long

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