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Green Bean, take 2

baby eating green beanAlthough Buttercup is only 8 months old and still has no teeth, she has already graduated to eating "proper" meals, meaning she pretty much eats the exact same things Hubby and I eat for dinner (see latest tweet about importance of family meals). The only exception to Buttercup eating what we eat is if there is a milky sauce of some sort (milk can cause all sorts of problems until baby's guts mature near age 1). My next four posts are all from the same dinner. She had:
  • salmon, pan-fried in olive oil, garlic, black pepper, lime juice
  • sauteed green beans (from the garden)
  • sauteed carrot shreds
  • couscous, with red onions, lemon juice, garlic, parsley, and olive oil
Her first experiment with green bean was not too successful. It was difficult for her to bite the bean apart. Also, it was her third meal, so it's not like she really knew what the heck she was doing yet. I've mentioned green beans in passing since then, but wanted to do an official post on this great veggie.

These green beans were from my garden, but the difference is that they'd been blanched and frozen, whereas the others were picked fresh and steamed. I think that combined with the sauteeing made them more squidgey than other green beans I'd given Buttercup. At any rate, she ate 2 or 3 full beans in addition to her other offerings.

PROS: sauteeing makes for softer beans
CONS: none


  1. Not sure if you are available to respond to comments any longer, but I wanted to take a shot in case another Momma would see and respond.

    Baby is coming on 8 months. Terrible luck w green beans today. I used frozen thin petite whole beans. I let her hold it but she sucked on it and got frustrated.

    I went old school to cut it into "bite size". Wrong move, right?

    He yelled until I swept his mouth to find a bit in his mouth. He didnt know what to do.

    Is cutting the wrong solution? Maybe sautee to soften more?

    If you cannot respond, pls just take a thanks from a new reader DEVOURING your posts. Thanks Momma.

  2. Oh yeah, I wouldn't give raw green beans to a baby. I'd make sure they were nice and soft first. Sorry it took me soooo long to respond to this. Blogger stopped emailing me comments, and I seem to keep getting pregnant and having babies, so it kinda slipped my mind. HA HA!