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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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How-To Video (drink)

Ask yourself: why use a sippy cup when you can use a shot glass?

My main gripe against sippy cups is that I would actually have to go out and buy one and put it in one of my already-overpopulated cupboards. Also, I want my kids to know that if they are thirsty they should go get a drink, not carry one around with them all day. That's just my preference, though. There are other more scientific reasons to consider not using them.

Sippy cups:
  • require a child having to relearn to drink from a regular cup at some point, possibly after forming a comfort attachment to the sippy cup. Doesn't sound fun to me.
  • can affect speech and mouth development, and oral hygiene
  • are hard to keep clean, and contain plastics (which are now known to leach toxins)
  • teach breastfed babies a different way of sucking that can cause pain to the mother while nursing
Here is a good article by a pediatrician


  1. aww buttercup is doing so great!

    Once a day I offer Wee Baby some water in a doidy cup. I love the shot glass idea, I didn't think of that!

    We are trying to skip the sippy too... I bough one a few months ago, but we haven't used it. My godchild is 5 years old and MUST have choc milk in a sippy cup at night time and I told myself "I need to prevent that" :-)

    Thanks for sharing Buttercup's video!

  2. Definitely. Just say "no" to childhood obesity! Plus, we managed to survive childhood without sippy cups, didn't we?

  3. Not cluttering my cabinets with sippy cups would be my #1 motivation for trying this!'s sooooo cute!

  4. (p.s. I carry a drink around with me all day long. If it's not my water bottle... then a stiff vodka tonic).

  5. We are doing this as well but so far all Lainey wants to do is chomp on the glass!

    P.S. I have to comment though on the ice tea do know that ice tea causes HORRID teeth stains right? As well as could increase chances of kidney stones...not saying one little sip is going to hurt Buttercup but I had to mention those to ya! ;)

  6. HA HA HA! I always bribe Buttercup with her favorite things for videos so she'll do a good job for me. She doesn't regularly get iced tea. Her teeth are safe, though, since they are under the gums still. Though, I actually asked my dentist about tea once (and I was talking about hot tea, which is a lot stronger). He said that the staining you'd get from tea is nothing that baking soda or a whitening toothpaste couldn't handle, but that the natural fluoride in tea is actually really good for teeth (I know that in itself is controversial, but I'm just saying what he said).

    I dunno about that kidney stones thing... My main complaint against tea is that the tannins can inhibit iron absorption. But, I drink an awful lot of it and my iron levels are really high, so...