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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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baby eating tofuI wish I had remembered to pick up some tofu at the store 2 months ago, because my little hippy baby loves it! She is making up for lost time now, though.

Along with being high in protein, calcium and iron, tofu is a really good consistency for babies. I cut a quarter inch slice off of a block of "raw" tofu, then cut that into one inch squares. I figured that would be easier than cutting it into longer rectangles, which I was sure would get squished to mush. I was right: Buttercup used her fingers to pick up the squares, rather than wrapping her fist around them. I am so enjoying her developing those fine motor skills. After the tofu started crumbling, Buttercup still enjoyed going after the tiny pieces on her tray, to the exclusion of the avocado that was simultaneously offered (one of her favorites).

So, Buttercup loved the tofu, and I love having another protein option for her that requires absolutely no preparation on my part.

PROS: no preparation, good nutrition, easy consistency, no stains
CONS: none!


  1. I didn't even think of tofu! Which is crazy, since I was a vegetarian for 13 years of my life! lol

    She looks adorable holding that cube of tofu in between her fingers!

  2. Sorry to post this here, I was looking for an email to send to you... but ah well.

    I gave Wee Baby Mango today and she handled it better than any thing she tried so far! I thought "hey has Buttercup tried mango?" and I came over to see but didn't see a post. Anywho, just another delicious fruit to try! :-)

  3. Nope, no mango yet. It's so expensive, and we haven't bought it for ourselves in a long time. I'm definitely going with the "she eats what we eat" philosophy.