Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Smoked Salmon

baby eating salmonA great advantage to baby-led solids is that baby eats what we eat. We are a picnic kind of family. As I've mentioned before, we are also not a bring-lots-of-extra-baby-gear-everywhere-we-go kind of family. Baby led solids is a great solution to the baby/picnic dilemma.

On the grownup menu was smoked salmon on baguettes with cucumber and cream cheese. Buttercup, being the little beggar she is, wanted some too. So, she got some smoked salmon. Now, before I get chastised I want to say that smoked salmon is not a food I would regularly feed my baby. It is definitely a special occasion food, due to its high sodium content (though at least I did look for a nitrate-free variety). But, I'm super vigilant about giving salt-free food to Buttercup so I decided it was ok this one time.

Of course she loved it. She is a posh baby of refined palate.

Here is a great article on why fish is so essential for babies. The ironic thing is that scientists are looking at how to make salmon puree baby food (blech!), but they can't find a way to make it appetizing. Hmmm...can you think of a solution?

PROS: high in DHA, portable
CONS: high in sodium. Yowzah.


  1. YUCK lol....I think it is great Buttercup was open to it though salty or not I will not offer to my babe as I cannot stand fish! I wish I did but not happening....

  2. Call me crazy, but surely your aversion to fish is an even stronger argument for purposely feeding your baby fish? Baby's don't know what they are and aren't supposed to like; they'll try anything! Given the enormous health benefits of fish, maybe you should try to encourage fish consumption? Just a thought...