Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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baby eating spaghettiButtercup is mainly eating the same dinners as Hubby and I now. When we first started baby-led solids we would give her a single food item to work on. Now she happily chows down on complex meals. For example, I like to make a healthier version of spaghetti bolognese with: whole wheat noodles, Morning Star crumbles (meat alternative), spinach, mushrooms, garden tomatoes, and cream cheese. We gave some to Buttercup 's. The only difference I made to her portion was that I threw in some avocado, because I had to use some up and Buttercup hasn't been too thrilled with avocado lately (see Avocado, take 2). I made a little spaghetti pile on Buttercup's tray, since this is what's worked best with similar items (ex: tabouleh, rice).

Buttercup ate it all with gusto, even the mushrooms and tomatoes. I guess she likes those foods cooked better than raw. Also, this was the first time Buttercup had eaten dairy products that she didn't stink (see dairy posts). It was only a small amount, but maybe her body is getting better at handling it? Anyway, I love that her meals require so little preparation (and virtually no extra cost). BLS is so easy!

PROS: good way to combine lots of healthy foods
CONS: requires a bath afterwards

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