Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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You just never know what foods a baby might like unless you try them! For example, Buttercup likes cooked onions.
She has had finely diced onions mixed in with other foods before, but never larger chunks their own. So, as part of our hawaiian chicken meal, I put some onion strings on her tray.

I was surprised at how much Buttercup ate. She seemed to really enjoy them! She ate them in a similar fashion to the steamed green peppers - she kinda flossed them through her mouth. But, she did eat three or four strings.

In the past I've always considered onion a flavorful filler in foods. But, it turns out they are chock full of goodness. Onions contain natural antibacterial properties, they support the immune system, and they're high in vitamins A & C. Slam dunk!

PROS: nutritious and delicious
CONS: a bit stringy

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  1. This post totally stuck out to me because my 7 month old likes onions too! I gave her my grilled onion from a kabob (because I don't like them myself and she was begging for something) and she loved it. I've also given her green onions, and again, she loved it. It's so fun.