Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Mango is one of those foods I've heard a lot of buzz about in the baby-led solids internet circles. While it does seem like it would be an ideal early food, I just never got around to purchasing one. I rectified this laxity and finally brought home a mango for Buttercup to try.

On the first attempt I cut it in slices and gave it to her with her lunch. At first she didn't seem too interested, and kept going after her tofu instead. Eventually she warmed up to the new orange squishy objects on her tray. She even busted out her 'excited face' and begged for more when the first slices were all gone. I gave her one piece at a time to prevent her playing with it.

I did try giving Buttercup diced mango, too, which seemed to work well for her. Also, mango does get slippery when it warms up, and I would imagine the cheerio dust trick (that I used for avocados) would help littler babies hold on to it better.

PROS: yummy, nutritious, easy texture for babies
CONS: slippery 

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