Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Most people I've talked to have serious problems with pureed meat. Even the staunchest baby food fan will tell you there is something about pureed meat that is just weird and creepy. Well, I'm here to say that babies are quite capable of eating meat. Real meat. Non-mushy meat. In fact, Buttercup had straight up chicken in her second week of baby-led solids. 

I picked up some nice, healthy, nitrate-free lunchmeat for easy family lunches. While making sandwiches for Hubby and myself I took two slices and cut them into one-inch pieces for Buttercup. She quite obviously liked them, and scarfed both pieces. 

Lunchmeat makes for a really easy "on the go" meal (ie: church nursery, daytrips, lunch dates). And, since I found a healthier alternative to the usual crapola found in lunchmeat I am happy to give it to my baby.

PROS: easy, portable protein option
CONS: none


  1. I have avoided lunchmeat thinking it would be unhealthy but I am glad to see it works well and you found a kind you like. Do you mind me asking what brand so I can look for it at my store? Thanks! Kelly

  2. Hi there!
    I can't remember all the kinds I've gotten. Here is one:

    This one is a bit high in sodium, which I don't like, but everything else is ok. We don't eat it super often, so I don't feel bad about the sodium thing with this brand.

    Hope that helps!