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Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Peach, take 2

We had another go at frozen fruit. After a less-than-happy experience with strawberry I decided to try peach. I always recommend people buy organic, especially the "dirty dozen," of which peach is one. 

I took three peach slices out of the bag of fruit that I use for Buttercup's smoothies and ran them under warm water. I cut them into smaller chunks and handed them to her. She ate all three slices after a very full meal of spaghetti (her favorite), so I'm assuming she liked it! 

I like having another way to get more fruit into Buttercup during the lean winter months. There are only so many pears and apples a girl can eat, and her beloved clementines are out of the picture, due to acid booty burns. (It's pathetic - I have to hide from her if I want to eat a clementine, because she'll get so upset that I'm not sharing). Thank God for frozen food technology!

PROS: easy way to get extra fruits, especially out of season
CONS: non-organic is very pesticide heavy


  1. What about melon? I know it's not really in season, but it's not super expensive (at least here, in NJ) and I feel ok buying conventionally grown melons because of the thick rinds. My daughter loves all melon. I learned that watermelon leaves some nasty stains the hard way!

  2. We've tried it!

    I don't buy them that often because I don't like them very much. But, maybe it would be worth re-trying now that Buttercup has 2.5 teeth to scrape with.

  3. My son adores clementines... Two things you may consider trying to help with the acid issues? I don't know how well they work yet but I know people who swear by them. Hazelwood necklaces. They also are supposed to help with teething pain and symptoms (as does baltic amber). Hazelwood is an alkaline so it absorbs excess acid through contact with your skin. The baltic amber is a natural analgesic so it lessens the pain. It has high levels of succinic acid which gets into the bloodstream from contact with the skin. We just got some for our kids (hazelwood/amber combo) so will see how they work for them. We got the hazelwood for skin issues, it is supposed to also help eczema. We got them from and right now they have a 15% off thing going on through the end of the 21st.

    Also! You could try going diaper free with her. Check out The Diaper Free Baby by Christine Gross-Loh. I just finished reading it, borrowed it from the library. We have been doing this for 1-2 monthsish (since he was 6 weeks) and it's great. It's a little different with an older baby but very similar to what we did with our older son at 17.5 months and it was also a great experience with him. You can do it at any intensity you want from barely at all to full time and it has a lot of great benefits to you and your child. Less time in contact with those fuilds (and in some cases no time) definitely reduces those issues :)

    Just started blogging myself and am including my experiences with going diaper free (elimination communication/EC) and in a few months will also have my little man doing BLW/BLS just like we did for my older son. Definitely looking forward to that!

    Anyway, I talk to much sometimes! Love your blog and how much information is compiled here for anyone curious. I think I have commented that to you before but quite a while ago. Have a great day :)