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Birthday Cake!

Happy birthday, Buttercup! 
(and happy 6-month anniversary, Adventures in Solid Foods!)

Yes, I gave Buttercup cake for her birthday. Now don't start judging me. I went back and forth on this decision for weeks. Eventually I came to the conclusion that she should have some cake. Here was my rationale: Buttercup never eats sugar. Her overall diet is very healthy and balanced. But, I do want her to grow up having a healthy relationship with treat foods. I want her to know that it's for special occasions and that it's ok. I want her to learn moderation. Over-thought for a one-year-old? Perhaps, but welcome to my world.

I decided to make my cupcakes from scratch so that I could make a half-batch and not have tons of leftovers. Also, I like controlling my ingredients (ie: no high fructose corn syrup). However, there were no holds barred on the naughtiness of these cupcakes. They had butter, sugar, vanilla, white flour, powdered sugar, the works! I said don't judge me!

Anyway,Buttercup was unsure about the whole affair (why are people staring at me and taking so many pictures?!), and did not enjoy getting frosting between her fingers. But, once she started getting the stuff in her mouth she was very interested. She consumed about half a cupcake. I do have to admit that watching a BLS baby eat her first cake is rather anti-climatic. Buttercup is already so used to eating anything and everything that is offered to her that it didn't seem that "special" to watch her eat some cake. Just another day in the life of a BLS family. 

PROS: yummy special treat
CONS: not a regular food item


  1. "Let her eat cake!" ~Marie

  2. I'm glad you posted this. While a first birthday is a long time off for us (my LO isn't even 6 months yet) I've already been trying to decide if I would let her have cake for her birthday. I thought I could make it myself and attempt to make it "healthier", but it's SO nice to know i'm not the only one who's thought about this, and I'm pleased to see you went ahead with a regular old cupcake. Happy birthday Buttercup!

  3. This post is super encouraging to me. As we found out that my son is allergic/sensitive to milk, egg whites and wheat one of the first things I was grieving the loss of was a birthday cake (I know one can still be made but so far the baked goods with substitutions for all three of those that I've made have not been that good). Your post that watching a BLS baby that you've already gotten to enjoy seeing feed themselves so many things eat their first birthday cake isn't as climactic really helped me with perspective! Thanks! Kelly

    p.s. you may enjoy this video my husband made of our son eating:

  4. Kelly,
    Your video is great. SO CUTE! Gotta love creative husbands. :)