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Your Questions: Iron & Waiting Time

One of the new features of 'Adventures in Solid Food' is going to be questions from readers (and subsequent answers). Here is the first installment, which was sparked by a great email from a blog reader. Maybe this will help someone else with the same question.

Dear charisma,

I remember you writing how you are on a good vitamin and have no reason to worry about anemia. Same here, I am still taking my prenatal vitamins, never had any problems with anemia, but I am tempted to get my LO's blood checked in a few months to be sure all is good. At the same time though, I wouldn't want to unnecessarily make him have to do blood tests every 2 months. My pediatrician was not against BLS, but she did say iron is important after the 6-month mark. I know that with BLS, babies are not eating as much and so are still absorbing the iron from breastmilk. Have you ever had Buttercup checked for her iron levels?

I was also wondering if you waited the 3-4 days before introducing Buttercup to a new food. It seems like you introduced several foods in Week 1.

Inquisitive about iron

Hi there, Inquisitive

Buttercup had her iron levels checked at her one year appointment and they were A-OK. I definitely wouldn't want to have her blood drawn more often than absolutely necessary. It was not a fun experience. Another thing to consider is: did you wait to cut your baby's umbilical cord until it stopped pulsating? If you did, then your little one automatically has more iron reserves than he would have had otherwise. Also, the iron in breastmilk is a lot more bioavailable than the iron in other foods. So, maybe all that can help put your mind to rest.

We did not wait between foods. If we'd experienced a problem/allergy we would have been more cautious, but neither Hubby nor I are allergicky people. The only thing we were slightly cautious about was egg, both because of family history of allergies and because Buttercup had reacted to it via breastmilk (eczema).

Good luck as you begin BLS!


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