Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Your Questions: "baby won't eat"

I've had lots of questions about readiness signs and baby-led solids lately. Please remember to watch for all the readiness signs before embarking on baby-led solids. Read on for more!

Dear charisma,
I'm totally interested in this method of feeding, but my baby boy is a determined and stubborn one. He is 7 months now and refuses to eat anything I try to feed him. I have been pureeing all his fruits and veggies, and so far he hasn't liked anything. I'm worried because I want him to get all the nutrients he needs. He is growing fine, but only likes breastfeeding. I want to try to do this; however, my baby doesn't put ANYTHING in his mouth. It's like he's not interested at all in eating food! He's at the right age, so I am in a pickle. Do you have any suggestions?

Baby Won't Eat

Dear Baby,

I would say that if your baby is gaining weight well and happy then don't worry about solids for now. Every baby develops at their own pace. There is new research that indicates babies don't need ANY solids until after a year. My chiropractor went to a seminar recently where she was encouraged to just breastfeed on demand til the first birthday. 

I would definitely NOT force the issue. Getting stressed out about trying to get food in your baby's mouth is only going to make him more resistant to trying new foods. When he's ready he'll start reaching out and grabbing for food and wanting to experiment with it. So, I guess my advice is to just relax and follow your baby's lead. 

Just remember that your baby needs to have ALL of the 'readiness signs' before starting baby-led solids. By way of review, those signs are:

  • She can sit up reasonably well
  • She can grab toys and bring them to her mouth
  • She chews things (watch out Mommy fingers!)
  • She is intently interested in YOUR food (ex: Buttercup started crying one day while watching me eat)
  • Her thrusting reflex is gone
Hope that helps!

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