Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Apple, take 2

Now that apples are in season (and on sale!) we have been stocking up on eating apple

I was never completely satisfied with our previous experiences with apple, as Buttercup would get little tiny bits stuck in her mouth. But, a brainwave came to me one day: steaming the apple slightly!

So, here is the new procedure: I peel an apple (which is a lot easier than trying to wash off the waxy coating they put on them), then rinse and cut into slices or chunks. I steam them for just a minute, until they're semi-transparent. This yields apple chunks with a similar consistency to raw pear, which Buttercup can't get enough of. These squishier apples are also easier for her to hold. BONUS!

By the way, I've also heard that shredding apples (or carrots) is a great option for youngish babies just starting out BLS.

PROS: easier to handle and eat
CONS: requires a bit more prep work

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