Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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baby eating pancakeOne of the things I've enjoyed most about using the baby-led solids method to introduce solids to my baby is having laid back family meals together. That doesn't mean that Buttercup always eats everything that Hubby and I eat, but for the most part I prepare one meal and everyone eats it.

One recent Saturday morning Hubby and I were in the mood for pancakes, and that is one mood that should be indulged occasionally! Buttercup had already had her breakfast of raisins (and mom milk, of course). Since we were already strapping Buttercup in her highchair to eat with us, we thought she might as well enjoy a Saturday morning treat, too.

I make my pancakes from scratch; a habit I began while living in a country without pancake mix. It's a lot more economical, and you can tailor it to any dietary needs your family might have (substituting different flours, dairy, sugars etc). I might also add that making pancakes from scratch is so quick and easy I don't know why I would ever buy the boxed mix!

I'm sure it goes without saying that Buttercup loved her pancakes. I didn't give her much - maybe half a small pancake torn into smaller pieces, sans butter or syrup. While my standard practice is to give my baby healthy foods that will make her brain grow big and strong, I think it's important to have a healthy relationship with 'naughty' foods, as well. Besides, everyone deserves a treat now and again, especially when you're as sweet as Buttercup!

PROS: babies love them, literally no mess
CONS: not an 'everyday' food.


  1. Interesting. How old is your baby currently? I have a 9 month old little girl.

  2. I'm assuming there was wheat in the pancakes? Are you not delaying wheat? There would be so much more I could feed my little guy if I started wheat!

  3. Hi, Sarah!
    I chose not to delay anything. I copied a blurb below from the FAQs page on this site explaining allergies. I know traditional medicine and complementary medicine differ on their definitions of what constitutes a food allergy/intolerance, but Buttercup doesn't have a family history of issues with wheat, and she doesn't have any other health problems. Nothing has cropped up since the introducing of solid food, so I haven't worried about it. Hope this helps!

    What about allergies?

    By waiting until the 6 month mark, you are drastically reducing your child's possibility of allergic responses to foods. This is because starting around 6 months, a baby's gut starts producing a protein that acts as a protective coating, preventing allergens from being absorbed into the body. The American Academy of Pedatrics' latest research shows that delaying the introduction of certain foods does not decrease the incident of food allergies at all. With baby led solids whatever you are eating your baby can eat! Download this informative interview discussing the AAP's new recommendations.
    There are certain situations where it might be wise to withhold usual allergy culprits such: as a family history of food allergies, if your baby has other allergies, or your baby has had a reaction to foods taken in via breastmilk. In these instances you might also try introducing foods one at a time, allowing 4 days between new foods to help identify potential problems.

  4. Thanks! We are doing baby led solids with our second child and things are so different this time around, I was so careful about delaying wheat, sugar, etc. with child number one and it is really so much more fun to have the freedom for our lil guy to eat what we do! Thank you for this blog and the encouragement it is for anyone trying this out!