Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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Apple, take 3

One of the reasons I like baby-led solids so much is that it appeals to my experimental side. Every now and then I think, "I wonder what would happen if________." Obviously some foods are too dangerous to experiment with (like whole nuts), or just plain unhealthy. But, healthy foods make for great experiments. 

I recently experimented with giving Buttercup a whole apple. This is the method I used with soft fruits when we first began BLS 6 months ago. It worked well, but we rarely use it now that Buttercup's pincer grasp is in full force. Now she prefers picking up little pieces of food between forefinger and thumb. Because of that we have given her apple in thin slices, and in steamed chunks. Recently, though, I was eating a whole apple and began giving little bites to Buttercup from my apple. She loved it, and sat by me like a baby bird waiting for more bites. Eventually I handed her the whole apple to gnaw on. I'm not sure how much she ate, but it kept her occupied for a solid ten minutes.

I have tried similar experiments since, giving Buttercup the whole side of the apple. It had the same effect, and she'll eat roughly half.

PROS: easy!
CONS: it can get messy if your baby is wandering around the house with an apple

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  1. I found the same thing. My daughter loves using her teeth to scrape off tiny bits of apple. I feel safer giving her the whole thing (with a bite taken by me so she can get to the flesh) than any other size.