Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

Baby Led Solids: Research & Experiments

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The Christmas season afforded Buttercup the opportunity to try several new foods that she doesn't usually have at home. One of these was grapes. Now, I know grapes are not particularly special or Christmassy, but I just never buy them. I don't like them that much and they always seem to rot in my fridge; therefore, Buttercup had never had grapes. Her Christmas dinner was at Grandma's house, and consisted of turkey meatballs and grapes. I washed the grapes then cut them in half to prevent choking. Round, hard foods are the most hazardous to little babies (think: cherry tomatoes, grapes, nuts, hot dogs, etc), since they can slip right down the windpipe. If you cut these foods in half (except nuts, because they're just too darn hard) you lower the risk of choking for your little one.

Buttercup liked the grapes. I may have to break down and start buying grapes. Maybe I will freeze half of them and use them in smoothies so they don't rot. 

PROS: easy fruit
CONS: I don't usually buy them...?

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